1. Qualified by GB/T9755-2001 and JG/T235-2008. Heat insulation coating performance standard inspection as superior product.
  2. Proven by RoHS 2002/95/EC and IEC 62 321/2nd CDV (111/95/CDV) EU safe coating standard to be free of any hazardous and heavy metal components.
  3. Qualified by GB/T 9755-2001 and CNS 10757(1995) inspection to be the superior product with resistance against weathering, sulfuring, and corrosion.
  4. According to the data provided by Taiwan Power Company, every degree of raised temperature of air conditioner will lead to 6% of electricity saving and the reduction of carbon emission by 0.636 kg.
Color White (Tunable)
Net weight 22.5 kg ± 3% (5gallons)
Total solids content 63.6% (by weight) 68% (by volume)
Density 1.21 kg/liter
Drying time 50~60 mins at 25℃
PH value 8.3 ~ 8.8
Viscosity 2,000 ~2,500 cps
Content of VOC 27.5 g/liter
Preservation period 1 year kept in cool and ventilated, place away from sunlight exposure
Corrosiveness No
Toxicity Non-toxic
Fungal resistance Good
Film thickness Wet film 16mils(400um)
Dry film 10mils(250um)
Average consumption Metal material: 1.38 liter/ping (or 0.41 liter/m2)

RC material: 1.89 liter/ping (0.57 liter/m2)

Suggested working temperature Minimum 18℃, optimal 25~35 ℃, maximum 80℃
Suggested spray coating thickness 250um ~ 400um
Sound insulation 9.8db