The principles of "HeatAX" highly efficient thermal insulation waterproof paint?

The HeatAX achieves heat insulation by reflecting solar radiation heat source while reducing thermal conduction and transfer. The main effect is the reflection of sunlight. The overall energy distribution of sunlight includes: 9% of UV, 40% of visible lights, and 51% of near infrared lights. Therefore, for effective reflection of sun light, the reflectance with respect to visible lights and near infrared lights must be rather high in order to prevent the heat source from scattering indoor. Our “HeatAX” has achieved 88% reflection of the whole-day sunlight (best in the world).

How much is the temperature decline that can be guaranteed by our "HeatAX"?

Our “HeatAX” has outstanding performance with astonishing temperature difference certified by notary units. Any experiment of temperature difference should come with a clear definition of environment. For example, what is the ambient temperature? (Higher ambient temperatures will lead to higher temperature differences) How long is the sunshine? Is there any ventilation? Is there any sunshine is the west or east? Is there any ventilation equipment? All these factors may affect the performance of temperature difference. Unlike other brands, our “HeatAX” is the only product with clear environmental definitions. The supplementary explanation is hereby provided: The one with HeatAX is called A, and the one without is called B. With ambient temperature above 35°C, building A and building B at the same geographic l°Cation are without any ventilation (windows d), self heating element, or sunshine in the east or west. The temperature measurement is taken at the same point in building A and building B once every hour starting from 8 am to 5 pm. With the use of our “HeatAX” , the average indoor temperature difference can reach 13°C. (This is based on the CMA certification report of China) In Taiwan, if labor and materials are both provided by the original factory, the warranty condition is that the temperature difference between the surfaces with or without painting must reach 15°C or above under ambient temperature above 33°C and with direct sunshine to the building or paint carrier for more than 30 minutes, and this has to last for 3 years. In summer, if the standard is set at 35°C, our “HeatAX” is capable of lowering the surface temperature of the building by more than 15°C (guaranteed by the contract covering both labor and material) and thus achieving the performance of reducing indoor temperature by 7~10°C. The reduction of every 1°C of indoor temperature will lead to 6% saving of air conditioner electricity consumption such that the investment in thermal insulation paint by the corporation can be paid back in 1~1.5 years.

Is "HeatAX" suitable for DIY?

Of course it is. The DIY of HeatAX is not difficult at all. In fact it is exactly the same as other paint. There is no need for any special tools or technique. Our distributor in North America specifically sells DIY products. When it comes to the painting for the external façade, we will suggest the painting to be conducted by professional painting service providers due to safety considerations. As for painting your own roof, DIY can be fairly simple. You will receive a detailed painting instruction together with our product delivery, which involves the general paint roller, brush or spray gun.

What kind of material can HeatAX be applied to?

Our thermal insulation products have been certified by Taiwan SGS, Singapore Green Building Material Label, US Intertek, CMA of China, and the TAF laboratory in Taiwan. The adhesion of our product is excellent such that it can be directly applied to the release paint and oil paint of general corrugated plates. It can even be directly applied to the high density glass, not to mention the general tiles, cement, bricks, wood, metal, and ceiling tiles. It can be directly applied to all kinds of materials without the need for any primer, and this is impossible for any other supplier in Taiwan. This is because our HeatAX is a true nano-material.

Can it perform better than other thermal insulation construction materials?

The conventional thermal insulation materials (such as glass fiber, polystyrene foam, and rock wool) are based on reducing the transmission speed of absorbed thermal radiation by the thickness of material. It does not have any effects of reflection or repellence of heat radiation. Instead, it will absorb and accumulate thermal energy thus leading to rising indoor temperature and the temperature at the surface of structure. At night when the heat source is gone, the accumulated heat will then slowly dissipate. Our HeatAX thermal insulation paint is based on the thermal insulation principle which is different from conventional thermal insulation materials. It can reflect and repel 88% of heat radiation while reducing heat absorption. The hollow sphere can then block the thermal conduction and transfer such that it can be rapidly dissipated from the surface.

Thus the thermal insulation performance of this product is superior to the following conventional thermal insulation materials:
– 25 cm thick glass fiber
– 20 cm thick fiber filler
– 14 cm thick polystyrene foam

What about the comparison between the performances of HeatAX and ventilation wind ball?

Every set of ventilation wind ball can only affect an area of around 2 Pings with the temperature decline of only 3~4°C while it must be working together with water sprinkler system. Not to mention the potential leakage issue of this device! The water sprinkler system can also lead to increased water expenses. On the contrary, the use of our HeatAX will not lead to any leakage issues, and there is no need for maintenance of ventilation wind ball, or water expenses. The performance of our product is astonishing, while the average surface temperature difference can be as high as 25°C, and the indoor temperature decline can reach 7~10°C.

Do you provide painting service? (with labor and material altogether)

Of course we can. We have a dedicated painting project team in our original factory, and the painting service fee with labor and material altogether is NT$2000/ping. If there is any need for scaffold or crane, additional surcharge will apply. If there are some other environmental factors at the painting site such as danger or painting difficulty, our customer will be notified in advance on whether or not there will be additional fees. As for the service including labor and material altogether, we provide a three-year performance warranty, three-year of product quality warranty, and three-year free maintenance service.

How long will HeatAX remain effective?

Based on the certification by Taiwan SGS, US Intertek, CMA of China, and Singapore Green Building Material Label, the thermal insulation effect of this product can last for more than 10 years, while the actual duration may be more or less in accordance with the onsite environment. To ensure optimal performance, it is suggested that the painted surface be cleaned by water once every year or two, or one layer of make-up painting be applied once every 3~5 years. The surface cleanliness will lead to optimal thermal insulation and reflection effectiveness.

Does HeatAX come in any other color?

This thermal insulation paint is pure white in color for effective prevention of light and heat absorption. Customized color matching can be provided per your special request. However, different colors may lead to different thermal insulation performance. Therefore, if you wish for the optimal thermal insulation performance, we would recommend the white color paint. Besides, the customized products are more expensive and subject to minimum order quantities.